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Source: Thai oil

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Catalog : Household

Outstanding Features

  • 40-70°C hot water temperature.
  • Special purpose design for Resort and House.
  • Easy for setting – Just connect pipes in, out and plug.
  • Unit includes compressor, evaporator, condenser, fan and electrical control panel, refrigerant is environmental friendly R-314a

Technical Specification

Note  : Energy Master reserves the right to make changes in specification without prior notice.
          : Test condition : Air temperature DB/WB 30/23.8°C.
          : Other size of storage and Heating cool wrap around please contact “Energy Master”.  


Conponent of Heat Pump


  • Stainless Steel AISI304 provides excellent durability
    on both indoor and outdoor application
The most powerful heart - Copeland Compressor

  • Long life (at least 10 years) and it is difficult to abrade
  • Over current protection
  • Open-phase protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Resisting the liquid hammer strongly and run normally
    under bad conditions
  • High voltage & low voltage protection

Variable Speed Drive
  • Variable Speed Drive to control water pump so that heat pump can have maximum energy saving and at the same time can produce instant hot water at 60°C

Temperature Controller

  • An automatic Energy Master microcontroller package
    with completed wiring from the factory
  • Including with equipments status display and full functional protection
  • Adjustable hot water temperature as desires
  • Completed with remote control function. Easily control and monitoring (Optional)




  • Using surface modification of aluminum foil with hydrophilic film
  • Discharging water immediately. It is not likely to produce frost
    and reduce wind age efficiently
  • Inner Grooved Copper Tube increases the area of heat exchange
    and improves the efficiency

The brazed plate heat exchanger stainless steel AISI316
  • high heat transfer coefficient
  • small unit size with high heat transfer capacity
  • high resistance to pressure and temperature fluctuations
  • stainless steel connections


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